Need an easy to do mani that will get your nails photo ready in no time? Metallic striping tape can be a quick, easy way to add a little shine to your nails with no fuss. Follow this tutorial for fun, flashy fingers that will wow your friends and followers.

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Easy Metallic Striped Mani

Step 1. Apply a base coat and neutral colored polish to your nails. The polish can be any color, but the metallic striping tape will stand out best against a neutral background.


Step 2. Apply a small size strip of striping tape from the base of the nail, under the cuticle, all the way to the tip. Be careful that the line is straight, and that the tape doesn’t have any twists or bubbles. Striping tape can be purchased from your local beauty supply store, or here on Amazon.


Step 3. Cut the end of the striping tape right at the end of your finger. Any excess can be wrapped beneath the nail if necessary, but the closer to the tip you cut, the better it will look.


Step 4. Apply your choice of top coat and allow it to dry. Applying the topcoat over top of the striping tape holds it in place to ensure a long-lasting shine. For a more secure finish, if you have access to an LED lamp, a gel top coat will last longer, and hold the tape better than a standard top coat.