For many plus size travelers who are ready to take their dream vacations, worrying about their weight can be a huge factor when flying. For Years, horror stories have circulated about larger people being fat-shamed in front of other customers, being charged extra by their airline for being too large, or even being denied a seat altogether. After posing the question about travel complications in our plus size forum, we were able to compile a list of the 5 most plus size friendly airlines according to the self-reported seat dimensions on each airline’s official website as of January 2018. Luckily, in today’s world of quick access information, it’s easier than ever to find out who’s skies are really friendly, and who’s got their head in the clouds.

The 5 Most Plus Size Friendly Airlines (According to Seat Sizes)

5. Southwest Airlines – Southwest is notable not only for having fair sized seats (34″ deep and 17″ wide) but also for having a very flexible policy regarding passengers requiring an extra seat.

4. American Airlines – With a seat depth of 35″ and a width of 18″, American airlines provides seats well above the 16.5″ width required by the FAA and often have relatively inexpensive flights.

3. Asiana Airlines – Coming in at 33″ in depth, and 18.9″ in width, Asiana’s seating provides plenty of room to get comfortable. Asiana is also notable for their excellent in-flight amenities including wifi and ac power available on many flights.

2. Singapore Airlines – This highly rated airline has a seat width of 19″ across all of their planes. While their seat depth (between 32″ and 34″ depending on the plane in question) is not quite as large as some other airlines, the extra width and the friendly customer service for which they are known certainly help to make up for it.

1. WestJet – While their service area may be somewhat limited, if possible they are definitely the top option to take. With a seat size of 38″ in depth and 20″ in width, WestJet is the clear winner when it comes to plus-sized seats to beat.

* Airlines are ranked by self-reported data about seat sizes found on their websites as of January 2018. Vintage & Curvy and it’s parent company have no affiliation with these airlines and take no responsibility for any misreported data. For more specific information about these airlines please contact their individual customer service departments.